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Book Nature Tales Studio for your events

We invite you to use our Studio located on Refshaleøen

to facilitate your Events & Workshops. 


The studio is surrounded by nature and water and you will immediately feel warm and welcome when walking into our studio, with lots of plants and natural daylight greeting you, making you feel at home. For the darker moments outside, we have plenty of salt lamps for lighting up the studio with warm and embracing light.

The studio is 46 m² with a sound isolated ceiling, located on the 2nd floor with an incredible view over the Copenhagen skylight, catching spectacular vibrance of sunset colors through the windows. 

The cornerstone in this studio lies in our vibroacoustic floor (bass floor), which enhances the holistic experience of the sessions.

(Read more:

The sound system consists of a set of Funktion One R1 speakers.

We also have 4 KRK speakers set up in the corners.


We provide yoga mats, pillows, and blankets.

We have a small kitchen, which is available for tea.


Ideally, the studio can host up to 14 people for a yoga class, 

up to 20 people for dancing & movement workshops

and 15-40 people for circles & other types of gatherings 

Examples of events hosted in the studio before: 

- Yoga

-  Circles

- Concerts

- Drum Circles


The studio is also open for booking 1:1 sessions

of either bodywork, therapy, or client consultation


Until January 1st 2022 we have an opening price for booking the studio:

• 1 hour: 300 kr

• 2 hour: 450 kr

• 3 hour: 600 kr

• 4 hour: 700 kr

• 5 hour: 800 kr

• 12 hour: 1500 kr


• 100 kr. Pr. hour for the usage of the VibroAcoustics Modular Floor.


- Dance & Movement

- Massage & Bodywork

- Breathwork & Meditation


How to book the NT Studio

For booking the studio, contact Tenna Li Andersen either by mail or phone.


Phone: +4550434861

Find the booking calendar below to check for available dates.


Your booking is confirmed when the payment is made by MobilePay and it’s confirmed by mail.

What happens in the Studio

Agreement, Terms & Conditions


When you book Nature Tales studio you also agree to maintain the space with care, love and basic cleaning.


Terms & Conditions:


1. You are liable for your own bookings, in case of double bookings, miscommunication and economic statements - you must deal with the contact, with help from the NT team.


2. You are liable for damaged gear.

*(We send you the full manual for cleaning and usage of the studio, Terms & Conditions upon confirmed booking)

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